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  • Doyle Ackley

    Hey online entrepreneur,

    AI is crazy…

    It changed so much in our lives and it’s only the beginning

    Like this new app that leverages WhatsApp HUGE customer base
    of 2,000,000,000 users (yes, that’s 2 billion)…

    To sell anything on our behalf…


    It starts by creating a ChatGPT4-powered marketplace…
    That can sell anything for you…

    Digital, physical, or affiliate product…

    But how actually is it going to sell it?

    By using something called AI Agents…

    Which is basically an AI sales team that will engage and
    interact with millions of potential customers…

    Even while you’re asleep…


    This powerful app is just launched today, and you can grab
    it for a huge discount + insanely big bonus package

    Click Here To Secure Your Copy Of AI Spark At an Early Bird
    Discount + Huge Bonus Package…

    With AI Spark…

    Create a marketplace for affiliate products in minutes
    without any coding or technical skills

    AI chatbots will sell your products to visitors
    automatically, even when you’re not online

    Drive traffic to your marketplace for free with built-in

    Sell any affiliate products you want with ease


    Leverage the world’s biggest chatting platform “WhatsApp” to
    generate hundreds of on-demand customers

    No transaction fees or monthly subscriptions, only pay for
    what you sell

    Say goodbye to the complicated and expensive processes of
    setting up a profitable online store.

    With AI Spark, you can focus on making money with ease.

    Don’t wait any longer, or you will end up paying monthly for


    Best regards,
    Take care.

  • Halina Mokare

    Hey online entrepreneur,

    Let’s be honest…

    Not everybody gets traffic,
    leads or sales from social media.

    This is where our software comes in
    >>> https://chidwa.com/sigma

    Sigma is an A.I. powered app that
    builds lots of set ‘n’ forget, fully
    monetized mini sites in few clicks.

    It then distributes these sites on 100+
    traffic sources bringing you more traffic.

    Now you can use these mini sites to drive
    traffic to your main site or promote
    other offers 24×7 on complete autopilot.

    Watch full demo here:
    >>> https://chidwa.com/sigma

    Best Regards.
    Good day.

  • Laurie Hickson

    Hey online entrepreneur,

    What if you can generate 1000s
    of leads everyday & PAMPER them
    to sales without actually talking
    to them…??

    Simultaneously talk to 1000s
    of them, understand their queries,
    make them feel special & most
    importantly close sales 24×7
    without actually being present?


    This brand new app combined
    the 2 MOST POWERFUL platforms
    on the internet today – ChatGPT4
    & Whatsapp and created a “monster”

    Introducing KleverSendAI – an AI
    powered, automated WhatsApp
    Autoresponder and Bot that does
    everything for you – just like
    a human do.

    Collect leads, follow up, answer
    queries and close sales on autopilot
    – with minimum effort & no risk.


    -no more wasting time or money
    -no need to hire a team
    -no expensive autoresponders
    -no more struggling to get sales
    -get results 24×7, even when you sleep!

    Hurry! This amazing app is available
    for a limited period of time – and it’s
    a one-time offer.

    After the launch, it will be turning
    into monthly subscription model.

    ==> Get your copy of KleverSendAI and
    start getting results NOW!


    Have a great day.
    Take care.

  • Dianna Gandy

    Hey institutovitae.com admin,

    Usually AI will give us a content when we type a prompt..

    .. But now you can prompt AI to create a full website too:

    =>> Thanks to This Text-to-Website AI Software


    By using this software, you can type a prompt like these:

    “build me a travel news website”

    “create a website about Crypto”

    Then the software will create that website fully-hosted for
    you loaded with blog posts, images, logo and more!

    And you even get Commercial License right away.

    Ready to have niche sites created just by writing a prompt?

    Then hit the link below to use the software right away:

    =>> https://chidwa.com/eazysitepro

  • Regina Pulliam

    Hey institutovitae.com admin,

    I’m excited to announce the launch of our New WhatsApp,
    Email, SMS, and Voice Autoresponder, Zendly; the ultimate
    tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and
    increase their profits without getting banned or paying
    outrageously monthly.

    >> Click Here to check it out


    This is the very first of its kind. It has never happened
    before in the industry.

    With this Blockbuster, you can easily send unlimited bulk
    messages, emails, voice campaign to unlimited contacts with
    99.99% inbox deliverabilty and get Unlimited Profits with
    just one click without any restrictions.

    Whether you want to promote your products and services,
    offer a special deal, or simply stay in touch with your
    customers in a way that is both efficient and

    this New WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Voice campaign
    Autoresponder got you covered and makes online marketing
    easy for you.

    >> Click here to get your lifetime access – Zero Xtra cost!


    But that’s not all!

    Here is a sneak peak of what Zendly can do for you;

    Import Unlimited Leads With Just One Click
    Uncover Red-Hot Leads In Any Niche
    Generate High-Converting Messages With AI
    Send Unlimited Emails To Your Leads
    Broadcast Unlimited WhatsApp Messages
    Unlimited Bulk SMS With Just A Click
    Use Our Own High-Inbox SMTP
    Instantly Accept Payments Through Messages
    And lot more…

    >>Click Here to see more amazing features of Zendly
    This all-in-one Autoresponder also allows you to schedule
    your messages in advance, so you can set it and forget it
    while you focus on running your business..


    The most amazing part is,

    Even if you don’t have a contact list yet, this AI Monster
    will automatically generate red-hot contact list for you in
    your desired niche!

    And with the user-friendly interface, you’ll be up and
    running in no time.

    So if you want to take your online business to the next
    level in 2023 without paying outrageous monthly/yearly
    subscription to expensive platforms, Zender is the BEST

    >> Click here to get your lifetime access – Zero Xtra cost!


    But you need to take action very fast because Zendly is
    selling like wildfire and we are almost out of copies! As
    soon as the copies are gone, it will go back to a recurring
    monthly fee!

    I’ll see you inside

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